One year ago, I thought that the time to make a time-lapse video related to astronomy has come. One year later, after joining my efforts with those of Gabriela Iacobuta, it is finished! The images are mainly taken in the Canary Islands, Australia, Bonn, Dubna and Effelsberg. It involved fighting hordes of hungry mosquitoes off on the banks of Volga, climbing to the top of Teide 5 times in one year, walking over 100km in the rocky volcanic landscape and usually freezing, either at 3800m, either in the cold German winter of 2011/2012. It was beautiful.

As for equipment, the following cameras were used: Canon 400D, Canon 550D, Canon 600D, Canon 60D, Canon 1100D. Lenses: Canon 100mm 2.8, Canon 28mm 1.8, Tokina11-16mm 2.8, Tamron 18-270mm 3.5, Sigma 17-35 2.8 and Walimex 8mm 3.5 fisheye. You can see the details for each sequence (in order of appearance) in a blog post that will appear soon.

The credits for the music used here are:

Frothy Tinkling – Setuniman (

Kevin MacLeod – Cherry Blossom (

Kevin MacLeod - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (

Bliss - Collabdare (

Brian Boyko – Connections (

Kevin MacLeod – Winter Chimes (

Kevin MacLeod - Face Off (

Kevin MacLeod – Five Armies (

Many thanks to them for making the music freely available!

We also used Adobe Premiere Pro for the video editing, Adobe Photoshop CS 5 for image editing and GBDeflicker for reducing the light flickering in some of the images.

Also, I want to thank to Dominik Klaes for lending his Canon 550D camera and other equipment which helped Alex take quite a few of these shots and to Dr. Alex Kraus, the manager of the Effelsberg 100m Radiotelescope, which allowed Alex's access to the observatory beyond the public premises. If you want a specific still image from the movie, you must contact the copyright holder as specified. They are available at sizes from 10 to 20 megapixels, depending on the camera used.


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