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Behind the crude and vulgar manner of a Roman taxi driver with a passion for young girls, lies a suffering humanity. It’s the loud cry of pain and at the same time the exorcism of a lonely man with a son at war.
Based on a short story by the Israeli writer Etgar Keret, the short film was entirely shot with an iPhone 4s.

Selections & Awards:
Short Film Corner - 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013, Cannes (France)
13th Circuito Off, 69th Venice International Film Festival, Venezia (Italy)
Sony Mobile Festival
X Imaginaria Film Festival, Bari (Italy)
Bornshorts Film Festival 2012, Bornholm (Denmark)
10th Bronx International Film Festival, New York (USA)
11th Miami Short Film Festival, Miami, FL (USA)
XIII Fiaticorti Film Festival, Istrana, TV (Italy)
2012 Peace River Film festival, Punta Gorda, FL (USA) BEST CELL SHOT SHORT
8th SoCal Independent Film Festival, Huntington Beach, CA (USA) Nominated for BEST SCRIPTWRITING and BEST MALE ACTOR (Stefano Ambrogi)
IV Movieclub Film Festival, Roma (Italy)
New Element Music & Film Festival 2012, Nottingham (UK) BEST MOBILE SHORT
Urban Islands International Short Film Festival 2012, Roma (Italy)
Corto in Vista 2012, Tele Liguria (Italy)
Visioni Corte 2012, Minturno, LT (Italy) PREMIO SPECIALE DELLA GIURIA (JURY PRIZE)
Offshoot Film Fest 2012, Fayetteville, AR (USA) BEST LOW TECH SHORT FILM
3rd International Mobile Film Festival, Skopje (Macedonia) BEST FILM
Festival CinemaZERO 2012, Trento (Italy)
CortoDino-Premio Internazionale del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis, 2012, Torre Annunziata, NA (Italy) BEST MALE ACTOR (STEFANO AMBROGI)
Cuneo Film festival 2012, Cuneo (Italy)
Mirada en Cortos 6, Entre Rìos (Argentina)
San Salvario Shorts Film Festival, Torino (Italy)
Disposable Film Festival, San Francisco (USA) HONORABLE MENTION
19° Visioni Italiane, Bologna (Italy) PREMIO KINODROMO BEST EDITING (Luca Gennari)
Skepto International Film Festival 2013, Cagliari (Italy)
1° Festival del Cinema Veramente Indipendente, Roma (Italy)
1° Bibbiena Film Festival, Bibbiena, AR (Italy)
CortoXX – Piero Vivarelli, Roma (Italy)
Foggia Film Festival 2013, Foggia (Italy)
Videomaker Film Festival 2013, Casalnuovo di Napoli, NA (Italy)
9th International Short Film Festival Detmold, Detmold (Germany)
VII Rassegna di Cortometraggi "SteNIK", Aprilia, RM (Italy)
Retro Film Festival 2013, Perugia (Italy)
14° Festival di cortometraggi “Corti da sogni”, Ravenna (Italy)
IV Cinemavvenire Video Festival 2013, Roma (Italy) PREMIO MIGLIOR ATTORE (Stefano Ambrogi)
Shortz, London (UK)
7° Est Film Festival 2013, Montefiascone, VT (Italy)
I[n]DIFFERENTI – Concorso per Cortometraggi, Trani, BT (Italy)
IX Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, TR (Italy)
Corto di Sera 2013, Itala Marina, ME (Italy)
X Collecchio Video Film Festival, Collecchio, PR (Italy) PREMIO AREA ITALIA - IDEE BEN SPESE
21° Visionaria Film Festival, Siena (Italy)
31° Valdarno Cinema Fedic, San Giovanni Valdarno, AR (Italy) PREMIO MIGLIOR ATTORE (Stefano Ambrogi)
4° Corto e MALeCAvaT, Avigliano, PZ (Italy)
Corti and Cigarettes 2013, International Short Film festival, Roma (Italy) BEST MOBILE SHORT


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