Softimage Tutorials

In this video we finally get to finish the bridge. I demonstrate the resulting compound at time code 28:40, and I will make it available for download on next week. The link will be posted here.

There are many things we have not had a chance to look at. We did not apply UVs and materials using ICE. We did not look at ICE modeling tools such as extrude polygon, slice polygon, add edge and others. We did not bring external geometry into the ICE tree. But the goal was only to replicate the Houdini bridge with all of its functionality, and this has been achieved.

ICE is an amazing system that allows non-coders like me to do cool things. On the off chance that someone from Autodesk is reading along, here are a few things that would make great additions to ICE:
The ability to generate textures
The ability to generate curves/NURBS
More modeling nodes (boolean, text, filter points, bevel and others)
Drag-and-drop functionality for exposed parameters and PPG logic


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