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The KONKREET PERFORMER Version 1.2 release is now available via the Apple App Store.

We've added something special: INERTIA control, enabling smooth morphing, from fast and responsive to ultra slow gradual transitions.

Inertia gives you new behaviour:

- when dragging the object, the nodes are pulled according to the inertia value
- using snapshots or jump mode sets a target to which the object morphs according to the inertia value

Inertia Features:

- Variable Inertia Setting: for smooth morphing transitions in your music
- A value of zero disables inertia
- Around 30 is the equivalent of the old "easing" speed in version 1.0.6
- 100 is the maximum inertia, for super slow movement.
- Control Inertia from Preferences Screen or directly via the Ribbon (for real-time changes during performance)
- Gestures (rotate/pinch) can be used seamlessly without interrupting the morphing movement

Additionally new to V1.2:

- Snapshot Enhancement: Snapshot buttons now respond to touches dragged across them for really fast changes

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