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"Juggernaut" means "an unstoppable force", and that is exactly what the Hilux Pickup truck is on ice covered roads. We approached this project with the idea of showing a pickup truck doing drifting and breakslading at various locations. The look of the Hilux truck on ice reminded us of the carton "Bambi" in that the driver has no control what so ever.

Another big challenge was the lighting on this project. We were shooting this at the time of the year where the day is dominated by darkness. We didn't have any external lighting systems. Having this in mind we knew we where going to have to find a way to deal with the night time cinematography. We started out early by prioritizing the shutter speed. We tried shooting this at 1/160s, but found that the 16-35L series lens with an aperture of 2,8F didn't provide the sensor with enough light. So we went to the fastest of lenses we had available (50mm F1,4). We pushed the shutterspeed down to 1/60s and 1/50s. I dont really like operating with that low shutter speed, but due to the circumstances we had to do so. We where able to vary the iso/asa from 1600-4000 depending on the light.

One of the weaknesses of the 5D mkii is that you cant shoot raw video with it. That means you can't correct the white balance, sharpness, contrast and such in post, so we had to be cheerful with the WB, especially at high ISO/ASA performance. We experienced that having the correct WB also hides noise better in the texture of every frame.

The music of this trailer have been written and created by us. It has been quite a ride filming and making "Juggernaut", but i am very pleased with the end result. Look forward to the 15th of February to see what we have made.


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