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This is a VOD ad conceived, written and directed by myself for BSKYB's now defunked music channel "SCUZZ". The purpose was to entice teenage viewers to press the red button on their remote with their grubby little fingers and help choose the upcoming songs and milk them of their hard earned pocket money.

For this I figured what better way to do it than have a midget coming out of a couch to sexually entice and seduce the viewer. Notice the ass plug around his neck? Although I sell out, I do it in style.

The costume had ass-less pants unfortunately I never realized how big a Dwarves ass is (if he stood up strait I could still easily rest a drink on it and I did) and basically the fabric in-between his butt cheeks was swallowed up (true story), so with some quick thinking I had to someone run out and buy a pair of ladies knickers or else the ad would be x-rated...oh yeah,we let him keep the Butt plug and the costume (I think I changed his life that day, I know he changed mine!)


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