Storyteller's Paradise

Paul Kelly owns a small cement factory just outside of Leeds. On a quite Monday morning in a bizarre coincidence all 3 of his employees called in sick. A large rush order comes through and not wanting to disappoint, Paul decides to fill the order himself . All alone and unfamiliar with the set up Paul puts a strip of cardboard over the opening of an industrial mixer because of the cement dust coming out. Forgetting he has covered the opening of the mixer he backs up onto the cardboard and falls into an industrial blender, the worst part is he is alone in factory.

Episode of British BBC series Bizarre E.R The hugely popular medical documentary series for BBC featuring amazing stories of surgical skill and human resilience that I co-created ,wrote and directed. I was brought in to add a bit of style to a TV series that had already been rejected by the BBC. Meeting this man made me re-think my life and the petty complaints I had on a daily basis.


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