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The main reason for uploading this class 206 is because it confirms what I just wrote about Vietnam at 202 at For an example of US vets as lucky as prophets are read 171 about Ira Hayes and me at Another example is at 17 minutes in this 206 where I sync the song AM I THE SAME GIRL to black-and-white photos of a naked girl. I just realized that Vietnam vets are more familiar with that girl than I am plus it goes with a V-J Day photo so it's a picture of, (why we work for Her), God being Venus to those vets and to the USA as sign of how true this is: that we were much more "on time" than we thought in the Vietnam War. Another confirmation is a bronze statue
at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC named

The Three Soldiers.

The statue depicts three soldiers, purposefully
identifiable as White American, African American, and Hispanic American. It's a sign that we got an "A" for overcoming prejudice in that war and that we were standing on the shoulders of the World War II vets in the movie South Pacific in 200 @ 4 min Except the World War II vets are better than us at it in heaven in L112
At the Vimeo list of my classes L106, L113 & L112 I noticed a divine sign on two thumbnails that show the start and end of World War II and two more thumbnails that are three pictures of MULAN saying "It's freezing!" and her mother (as God) replies “it would’ve been warm if you were here on time”. That's class L105, it's about homies IN HEAVEN judging Asians, blacks, Hispanics, etc for being too prejudice ON EARTH. As it applies to the USA and Vietnam is when the time ran out for them to support the USA and not be prejudiced against us is when the Big Dipper offer to rescue them was withdrawn. The parallel Big Dipper to women through this prophet, (also in 202 @ 37 min), is summed up here in 206 at 1:01 to 1:26, including when the time ran out.
More apparent parallels:
It's like "You'd rather be killed by Asians than rescued by Americans? Have it your way Vietnam."
At Vimeo:
L94 @, the last paragraph applies and @ 15 minutes is:
I've explained in many of these classes my Ms Rights and New York City would rather die in snuff-films than go with the Mr. Right that God pick out for them, (me).
L124 @ 9 minutes is New York City trading magic Christmases for the 911 disaster in Miracle on 34th St, also in class 17 below.
L114 @ 12 min I say "Damn you're stupid New York City!" BECAUSE "all heaven needed to prevent the 9/11 disaster was for me to get paid in money or sex".
#17 @ 1:11 is: I could see why they wouldn't because losing two World Trade Center's was a small price to pay to
avoid paying me $80.000.
#17 @ 26, 57 & 2:18 is my New York City checkmate, how much they knew the 9/11 disaster was coming and that we could've prevented it.

This rated R version of 206 has been chopped & cropped from the rated X version of 206 so I could reach a bigger audience here. The rated X has the best continuity and it's better in m4v at the link L89 @, (click on it to download it or watch on iPhone), or click on 206 to see it in mov at the bottom of page 3 @ MikeOversonEndTimes.ORG.

Class 206 is mostly about finding your Mr or Ms Right with examples of finding God’s will about it in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. It also has the 2004 Olympics, MichaelAngelo, VJ day, Studio 54, the Buffalo Bills and sex ed. The rated R is easier to understand if you see the rated X first especially because I added more supporting evidence in the R that is not the X version.
As far as I'm concerned, (about Ms Rights for the one), Hawaiians equal Asians & vice versa, (like Nadi @ 1 minute looks like she's half-and-half). The rated X version of this 206 explains it best because MOST of it deals with the big dipper that heaven had offered to ALL women through me and how it was withdrawn, (as me to Rori, Jodie Foster, Nadi & porn, etc in Les Miseables, Death Becomes Her, Indy Jones and Disney's Pecos Bill).
@ 1 to 16 min is women and my ex EXposed then I start on the beauty of a woman. I believe this was blessed by God to have divine information in it, (the R about 50%, the X, 80% vs 90% in L123). At 61 minutes, (@ 46 in X), is where I got the sign to do this class because I owed my Miss Rights, (especially in Hawaii), an explanation of why our perfect match fell through.

This 206 was the 44th video I uploaded to Vimeo and the next day they deleted all 44 videos and my account, (@ 1:12 hrs in L123 I read the description to class 185, (@ 1:15 in L123), as a warning to both THE FBI and Vimeo to not delete 185 again and that’s what I’m saying after re-posting 206 on 10-13-14.
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