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TALKING TO JESS is a student short film based in London. An idea inspired through relationships, friendships and a homeless research project, gave an understanding that everyone has a dream or goal in life. Whether these dreams and aspirations are achieved (big or small), is down to the individual regardless of any circumstances or situations.

The story focuses on homeless busker Jimmy and his infatuation with Jess, (a beautiful lady who passes Jimmy and his friend Ron most mornings). Busking on the streets of London, Jimmy plays music to earn money in the hope that it will be enough to finally meet Jess.

His fondness for Jess grows through the figments of his imagination. Whilst his older friend Ron, shows no interest in Jimmy seeing his dreams through until he begins to go through with it. With the opportunity to meet Jess, Jimmy disguises his true identity and any indication of his homeless life to get the girl of his dreams. But dreams are one thing and reality is another as Jess has her own story to tell...

The team is always growing but so far we have a number of people getting the project off the ground and making noise.

Writer, Director & Editor - Gerald Boye
Producer - Jordan Emily Lammas
Producer & 1st AD - Nicole Ahern
Production Manager - Rosie Wogan
Director of Photography - Thomas Reid
Camera Operator - Batoma Nlandu
Gaffer - Kaelan Ratcliffe

As this video is also on Vimeo you can also help us out by using the Tip Jar feature located just below the video. "Vimeo Tip Jar enables Vimeo Plus and PRO members to receive small cash payments from people who like their videos. By giving tips, viewers show their appreciation for your work, and give you resources to make more of it."

We are fully aware that money is hard to come by and understand that funding short films like Talking To Jess can be a difficult task. However to make sure you get a great bargain for your buck we have put together some amazing rewards for you all to get your hands on (Some are limited so be quick). Every pound helps us, so we are literally starting the rewards from just £1. Every pledge will bring us one step closer to making the film and making it great. The higher you pledge the more valuable the rewards will be for example: BLU-RAYS or DVD's, FULL SOUNDTRACKS, CONCEPT ART, WEEKEND FILM ACADEMY to being an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. GLANCE TO THE RIGHT HAND SIDE to see what you can get, or get involved in.

KICKSTARTER is an online crowd-funding platform, for people to pledge an amount towards a project and choose a reward in return for their money. Reaching the end of our Kickstarter campaign, if the combined total of all pledges for our project meet our £2,600 goal, then the cards of those who pledge are charged and we receive the funds to finish our film. It's all or nothing, so If we don't meet our goal, then the money is not withdrawn from your account and you guys don't get any rewards either. However, If we exceed our target then the extra funds will be used to make the short even better - so please pledge even if we get to 100%! All funds raised will be used directly in finishing off and distributing our film.

Why £2,600? Well, favours can only get us so far and the funding goal is the bare minimum we need to see the project through all it's production stages. Every single pound (except the percentage KICKSTARTER take) will go into the budget for TALKING TO JESS. Essentially it helps us to do and obtain the following.

Shoot on location in London across 11 days. Travel expenses + food and water for the cast and crew. Hire equipment and necessary accessories for shooting and post-production days. (We will be shooting on high-end RED and CANON cameras provided by the school). Hair & Makeup, Props, Costume. And finally materials for all your REWARDS.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Filmmaking is fun, but for the most part it is hard work and so striving for the finish line is a must to see the results pay off.

Unforeseen circumstances small and big will always show up, however we are a very organised and dedicated team, so there is no problem that will stop us from accomplishing our goal.

The best thing is that the cast and crew are set and ready to go and so Pre-production is coming to an end and with all the work done so far, there is no way we are going to give up. We are seeking funding to complete our final year project to the best of our abilities with strong guidance from lecturers, friends and family and to help us with locking down locations, getting to and from them with all the heavy equipment, supplying food for all cast and crew (hungry people can be angry people) and finally all the accessories necessary to actually make the film. Lights! Camera! Action!


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