See the promotional video that corresponds to this at: vimeo.com/28093257; and lens and audio tests at: vimeo.com/28519437.

BUY NOW (w/lens): amzn.to/nexvg20h
BUY NOW (w/o lens): amzn.to/nexvg20

There is a year-old User Group for this product and its predecessor at nexvg.info that includes discussion, updates, Web references, and a continuously updated library of video samples. It's the best place to explore the NEX-VG20, which is nearly identical to its predecessor, but if you want to stick with just the NEX-VG20, visit nexvg20.info.

In addition to following those User Groups, you can follow the NEX-VG20 feed at its Facebook Page, facebook.com/nexvg20, and on Twitter, twitter.com/nexvg20; or the combined feeds at facebook.com/nexvg10, and on Twitter, twitter.com/nexvg10.

j vimeo.com/28160820

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