La Fundación Cordillera Tropical (FCT) is a foundation based in Cuenca, Ecuador that works to conserve the Sanguay national park- an area that has been misused and abused for hundreds of years.

FCT works with the local land owners, reaching them on a personal level to create trust and understanding so they can reach a common goal.

“This Is My Place" follows Armando who, in addition to growing up in the forest, works with FCT as a bear research technician- trekking for hours in the forest to set up and check cameras to document the status of the bear in the forest.

For more information of FCT visit
All bear photos are obtained and provided through a collaboration of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and FCT. More information can be found at

**If you are not able to download the subtitles with this film, please send us a message on Vimeo or email so that we can send you the .srt subtitle file.

This video was produced on location by an University of Tampa/Actuality Media student crew and shot primarily with a Canon XA20.

Producer: Sahar Safavi
Director: Zach Mather
Cinematographer: Zane Moulton
Editor: Lisa Aquilino

Music: "White Lotus" by Kevin MacLeod

Actuality Media is on the ground with every student crew to oversee production of these short documentaries, providing the services of executive producer, production manager, location scout, additional editing, and whatever else is needed to complete the project.


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