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"Everthing is Beautiful, you just have to see it through that special eye..."

This is a short Film/Video consisting of series of technically beautiful shots of nature.

As part of a small University project, my task was to create a 60 second technically beautiful piece of work, which could be used as showreel material. The footage had to be executed technically correct and to a high standard, showing a range of my skills. Throughout this project, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Sony Z5 and experiment with different features, for example; I incorporated different lighting techniques, aperture, shutter speeds, depths of field, panning, zoom and more. I also edited the project using Adobe Premiere Pro 6.0 where I used a range of transitions, titles, enhancing the colour correction and using the crossover fade to create a special overlapping effect, giving the frames a warm ambience.

Shot and Edited by Meera Darji

Music By:
Javolenus (feat. audiotechnica) - "Thank You"

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© Copyright | Meera Darji 2012


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