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I’m specialised in VFX technical direction having strong CGI-oriented maths and physics knowledge and I am confident in the look development of all visual effects. In my career, I've solely performed full CGI projects and leaded a number of group projects, ranging from 3 - 40 teammates, in areas of film, animation and programming. Through these, I've gained strong skills in direction, production, group leading and cinematography.

Skills: Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, Photoshop, Mantra, V-Ray, Python, C++, OpenGL, QtCreator

VFX (fluid, pyro, dynamics, lighting effects, etc.), Lighting, R&D, Generalist

Experience: 2 month VFX TD internship at Framestore London


For my generalist showreel please see:

Shot description in order of appearance:

Zombie VFX (Coursework) - Double Negative provided us with model of the zombie walking forward and briefed to disintegrate it as we like using Houdini. Effect is build of SOP shattering, blue energy particle network, FLIP fluid for blood and a custom VEX shader for flesh. All FX particles were rendered as a 3 colour information extraction (velocity, life, position), what was later used for more accurate compositing in Nuke.

BA Final Major Project (Coursework) - Taken from the short I created as a Major Project for my degree at Bournemouth University. Full piece can be seen at .

Framestore Logo (Internship Project) - Personal project executed during my internship in Framestore London. All executed in Maya using nParticles, Python scripting, and in-house shattering and dynamics systems.

Vine (Coursework) - Procedural vegetation growth tool, made in Maya Python, working on any given model. User control for path, speed, randomness, branching, length and more via GUI.

Gears (Personal project)- Procedural gear generator, made in Maya Python. Allows creation of various gears and produce random gear layouts. Uses recursion for pattern branching, output is fully rigged and correctly aligned.

Billboarded clouds (Coursework) - Alternative approach to rendering clouds, made in Maya and mental ray. Full output consists of four layers of clouds, constructed of Billboard particles scattered over two tunnels and two mesh fields. Each particle is set semi transparent with a procedural texture and shaded by an ambient light and a 3D noise function. When displayed in stacks the particles create realistic cloud illusion. Renders in 10 - 15 sec/frame, 720 x 576, production quality.

Non-Volumetric Cloud (Personal project) - Another approach to cloud rendering, made in 3ds Max and mental ray. Uses baked textures and vertex paint projection over scattered planes. Renders in 20 sec/frame, 800x600, production quality

Music by Parov Stelar


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