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I had this dream that I was standing on the Mare Imbrium looking down on earth with any sort of space suit, however that was not the remarkable part, what was amazing was that by standing on the moon I was able to cast a shadow across the earth. I even heard heard her clearly when she whispered my name from earth 238,000 miles away. I live in the Impossible. Q' - Style-city Music

***** Sea Of Rains by Gerry Q' *****

You Can find Me There,
On the Side That's Near,
Underneath The Earth Light,
I'll Cast A Shadow 'cross The Earth Tonight.
Standing On the Sea Of Rains.

Open Your Window,
Look Up In The Sky,
So I can Hear You Whisper My Name,
And I'll Be Standing On the Sea Of Rains.

You Can Find Me There,
In An Atmosphere,
Where The Black Hole Will Swallow All Pain,
And Your Tears Drown In the Sea Of Rains.
Standing On The Sea Of Rains.


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