Sub Pop Should See This!

Artist: Dear Rouge

Song: Different

On a cold rainy evening in Vancouver we met up with 2012 PEAK Performance Project winners Dear Rouge in an empty parking lot for a little musical action. We parked the couch exactly where they told us not to... cause we are rebels and we roll like that.

Unfortunately, our perfect undercover location lacked just one thing, an outlet. Which we desperately needed to power our lights, amps and recording gear. So what did we do? Well, we did what any good gorilla operation would do, we hiked to the closest Canadian Tire, purchased an additional 70 foot extension cord, plugged that into our other 70 foot extension and ran it down the street for about a block... to steal... sorry, borrow... energy from an unsuspecting condo.

It all worked out in the end and this video is perfect to cool you off after a hot summer day.

Hosted by: The parkade at 7th and Hemlock


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