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"It's an artificial cheapness that's associated with meat in America. I rather you spend your money on a good burger and just do it less frequently. "

Meet Andrew Chiappinelli, the owner of Grazin', the world's FIRST farm-to-table direct, 100% Animal Welfare Approved grassfed & finished burger joint based in Hudson, NY. When it comes to burgers, Andrew is a proud man. He's so thick with pride you can see it, especially while rolling out and portioning his specialty burger blend. It took him 6 long years to get his vision for Grazin' up and running, and now he finally feels like people are catching on.
Here, what looks like a diner and smells like a diner is far from the norm. As Andrew will tell you, he has to be ok with disrupting certain expectations. The 1947 stainless steel facade and retro jukebox might lure people in, but, it's not unheard of for new customers to get up and walk out once they find the colas are all made to order and homemade mayo costs an extra buck too. For me, it's worth it. And I wasn't going anywhere. This is a place for clean eating. A place where burgers don't sit like bricks in your stomach. A place where a healthy respect for animals, sustainability and local agriculture can be found in every single bite. Watch Andrew's story and see for yourself!

I hope I convince you to take a trip upstate to support good food makers. For the full story, visit my website:

Thanks so much for watching food. curated.! Happy Summer Eating!



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