CCE Sustainable Landscapes - Horticulture PWT

Presented by Bob Schindelbeck, Cornell University Department of Crop and Soil Science.

This session addresses:
- Different organic additions to the soil will affect the soil biological community at many points
-  This soil food web effects on soil processes can be understood and managed for better plant resiliency to stress
- The Cornell Soil Health Test is a holistic approach to measuring essential soil processes and guiding soil management 

First broadcast to participating CCE educators via a November 30, 2010 webinar sponsored by Sustainable Landscapes-Horticulture PWT of Cornell University.

This presentation may contain pesticide recommendations. Changes in pesticide regulations occur constantly, some materials mentioned may no longer be available, and some uses may no longer be legal. All pesticides distributed, sold, and/or applied in New York State must be registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Questions concerning the legality and/or registration status for pesticide use in New York State should be directed to the appropriate Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialist or your regional DEC office. READ THE LABEL BEFORE APPLYING ANY PESTICIDE.


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