Everyone's Take Away Show

Through happenstance, Paige had run into this project. She had seen a favorite of hers, Meredith Godreau’s Gregory & The Hawk appear here before. Through happenstance, while setting up our meeting that day, we found out that we were both from Central New Jersey. Through happenstance, while naming mundane spots by random streets we’ve walked or drove by, we found out that we lived only a town apart, minutes down the road from each other.

For seventy-five entries, I've been in the midst of strangers. Materializing into the lives of wallflowers, runaways, prodigies, lovers both found and lost, then disappearing again like an unexpected rain. Over the years, my approach to these videos has been molded into an endless exercise of parting. It was always expected then that I would end up with little trinkets of videos, shards of a person who over the years will turn into a grainy old photo of someone I might or might not have met after all. Meeting Paige felt like the opposite.

I suppose this portrait of her, this blurry, colorless sequence of images that erupted so vigorously from my mind during a couple of sleepless nights editing was to make up for that one happenstance that didn't happen when we were both still living in New Jersey. The random event of meeting on the street, at a mutual friend's, at a show, or at a park bench by the river having lived so close to each other back then.

"Funny how life works out that way, isn't it," she says. Oh, mais ce n'est que le milieu de la début.

"Il Est Parti, A Parle Son Coeur"
Wanderer Session #76: Paige Chaplin

Music by Paige Chaplin
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in New Hope, Pennsylvania
Summer 2012

j vimeo.com/47431955

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