Everyone's Take Away Show

Time length for video: 12:21. 2014 A Moment to Begin Again, & never waste the present, because you are the gifts and the presents of the universe. Nothing is destroyed, just transforming. Come together and know all is one. -John Massaria

"Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build not destroy. Speak respectfully, that no one be dishonored. Speak lovingly, that every syllable may heal. Make of your life a gift. Remember always, you are the gift!
Be a gift to everyone who enters your life, and to everyone whose life you enter. (You can always be a gift, because you always are the gift—yet sometimes you don't let yourself know that.) When someone enters your life unexpectedly, look for the gift that person has come to receive from you...I HAVE SENT YOU NOTHING BUT ANGELS." From Conversations With God- An Uncommon Dialog.

j vimeo.com/56021948

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