Everyone's Take Away Show

After finally meeting Sarah Holtschlag and finishing the collaborative live film I first suggested years back, I had just enough time left in Chicago for just one more visit. Enter: Grandkids. I found this band so randomly online after browsing old show posters that some Chicago venues still had up on their calendars. More importantly, I really got hooked by their song, "Ethylene," the first song on the video. It's an interesting unplugged, super-slow take especially since I fell in love with the faster, pop-rock version that reminded me of a Rilo Kiley B-Side.

Vivian had offered her brother's place as a spot to film all of their songs. The house is a creative person's home. You won't see it here, but everywhere there are vinyl records, stacks of old art books, and replicas of famous paintings on posters. You can see a little bit off it near the end as Vivian had invited me over to the back of the house to record a solo song of hers. I like her. I can tell she has a ton of music floating around her brain, twitching her fingers, forcing a cheeky grin, that's just dying to burst out.

On another note, this is my bad. There was just a little too much light coming from the windows to have a good colored-version of this video. I noticed it a little when I was panning the camera around but I ignored it to our loss. At any case, this is a supremely talented band that, with the right friends and the right push, could be a force someday.

That's all I'm gonna say right now. I have plans to re-visit them again with bigger ideas and (hopefully) a more masterful camera. If I was going to SXSW this year like I planned to, Grandkids would definitely have been one of my first shows to go to.

Wanderer Session #82: Grandkids
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Music by Grandkids
Filmed in Chicago, Illinois
Winter 2012-13

j vimeo.com/60522669

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