Hello everyone, my name is Vitor Teixeira and welcome to, Fluids simulation: the science behind the art.

In the FIRST CHAPTER I’ll introduce some of the scientific aspects related to fluids, we will see how fluid simulation evolved in the film industry and the
required ingredients to perform a proper fluid simulation in the computational era. The concepts introduced here are just the basics that I think are useful and enough for this kind of video tutorial but at the same time, for those that may want to develop a more deeper research into this area, all the necessary information to start is right here.

In CHAPTER 2, we will focus our attention in the creation of atmospheric, pyrotechnic and open water effects within Maya, pinpointing some of their scientific aspects.

In the THIRD CHAPTER I’m going to develop from scratch to final compositing an more advanced example of what we can achieve with Maya Fluids.

In the FORTH AND FINAL CHAPTER, I’m going to talk about the importance of certain forums, blogs and newsletters that we should always keep an eye on.

PS: This video is based on what I could learn during the development of my Master Thesis. I had a lot of help from a lot of Artists in the different forums and blogs and this is my way of giving back some of that help. Hope you like it and find it useful and don't forget that this is my first try.


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