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Supernovas Company is a fulldome show for planeatriums. A cosmic tragicomedy for children. The script is written in verse and features Kurioseo Kuirosei and his friend Flamigero Piroteus. Together they have a cosmic adventure, in a highly peculiar setting, in which they have to overcome the traps and puzzles of the diabolical Vampirina. She is the leader of an army of vampire stars that cause havoc in the supernova factory that kindly Flamigero keeps in a corner of a hidden away galaxy. An original and fun story to delight everyone.

· Original idea: ILUSA MEDIA
· Duration: 25 minutes
· Production: ILUSA MEDIA
· Scriptwriter: Pedro Piedras
· OST: Eduardo Tarilonte
· Sound format: 5.1
· Format: Fulldome
· Language versions: English, Spanish and Polish,


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