Telluride, Colorado

Seedling -> tree -> flower -> cherry -> bean -> bag -> boat -> warehouse -> truck -> roaster -> grinder -> espresso machine -> cup -> Taste!
Thanks to Keith Hill for creating this snapshot of the minor part WE play in this saga. Hopefully we do these beans justice!

Thanks for watching and even greater thanks to all who buy and enjoy our coffees.

Happy New Year!
Jan 2011
- Telluride Coffee Roasters

"This is a little sneak peak into the beauty of the Steaming Bean's Coffee Roastery in Lawson Hill. The smells coming out of that place, oh lordy, I can't handle myself when I walk in there. The beans are in wonderful hands under Master Doug Jones" -Keith Hill

Canon T2i
- Kit Lens
Edited iMovie 11

Made within the first two weeks of buying T2i, my first camcorder ever.


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