Telluride, Colorado

Our coach was super dope-a-lope in letting us just do our own thing for friday Ski P.E. and film. So Nicki Asian, Brendan Bear, and myself did just that.

Met up with the park crew (Ian Mitchell) and just had a great wonderful time on a really nice day.

Really sorry you guys have to keep looking at this crap unsteady filming...but i'm getting there. Attaching weight to scorpion grip soon. Will make it 30 times better

I'll be putting up another video prob within the next day our two of the whole weekend with much steadier filming. This is only the second time i've ever filmed with the Scorpion Grip but i'm learning and I think i've got it down now...will be much steadier :)

Thanks for watching fellow humans

Music: "David" by The Radio Dept.


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