The Deconstruction

Gabe's Imagination presents
The Mechanical Garden
an Augmented Mural
created for Lighting in a Bottle 2011 (
by Gabe Shaughnessy (
and Dan Cohen (

Photography by Aaron Rogosin (
Soundtrack - Ill Gates (
Eprom - 64 Bytes the Dust (ill.gates remix) (

We painted the mural in a day, with brown, black, blue and white paint.

That night, we projection mapped the surface, making the different elements of the mural into independent video canvases.

the next night, we began to play the mural along with the music.

The mechanical plants were the first controllers for the mural, turning the wheel plant controlled the colors, effects and animations in the mural.

We also used touchOSC on an ipad for additional controls, and an old midi vj controller for people to mess with at our table.


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