The Director of Photography

Client called me and asked for an advice :
How can we show our entire shoes collection in a défilé style film, lasting less a minute and with an only one day shoot ?
... Hum ... Tricky...
I came up with this idea of recreating the walk of a woman step by step using only one model and only 1 frame.
Concept was clear, we would place the model on a specific set and alternate the shoes every step. But how boring would it be, knowing we had to show around a 100 shoes?
Solution was maybe to make the frames look different and add colors but how ? Considering our tight schedule. No way to to use a colored paper background, we would need too many colors, too hard to handle...
No way to use a green screen and post-produce it, no time.

Well, we found out a solution.
We wish we could have done more different steps to emphasize the rythm and to create a dinamic walk but time played against us, maybe next time ... :)

828 shot / 1day
82 types of shoes
Around a 1000 steps
No post production in after effects, only filming and editing.

Director / Post-production : Julien Samson
D.O.P : Franck Noell
Electrical Chief : Samuel Malnati
Set Designer : Pierre Osawa
Digital supervisor on set: Thomas Layrle
Stylist : Camille Vaillant
Make up: Anthony Preel
Rehersal model: Eva Gourdon
Model: L.Genet.
Motion designer (titles use in client's film) : Adrien Kullig
Music: Olivier Boni / Obny

Shot with Red Epic in studio IN Visu / Paris.



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