The Director of Photography

"Bitch Mustard" (short film) featuring music by Doom Squad "Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical TIme)"

Models: Sarah Lipsit & Rebecca Dunham
Directed by: Sean Cartwright
Produced by: Heratics
Cinematography: Sean Cartwright & Joey Whitelaw
Art Direction: Rae Drake
Styling by: Bryanna Brown
Hair: Jesse Young
MUA: Mae Kroft
Edited by: Sean Cartwright
Clothing Provided by: Lucian Mattis & Caitlin Power
Music: "Head Spirit (For our Mechanical Time)" Doom Squad
Mixing & Additional Audio by: Sean Cartwright
Filmed on Location at: Camp 4 & Unlovable
Special Thanks: Joey Whitelaw, Phil Cyr, Peggi LePage, Jamal Watson, Gani Shqueir, Maggie Blake & James Pendarves

All rights reserved © HERATICS 2013 |


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