the global skin

Belarus has long traditions of making linen, one of the hardest fibers to process. The video presents the outcomes of the exploration of the Belarusian textile traditions by members of ICAN Club, a Minsk group of English learning enthusiasts, who in the process of making this project rediscovered their own culture.
We thank the organizers of the Global Skin Contest for pushing us into this exciting discovery, which opened a new page of our culture and led us to learning so many skills.
Don't judge our humble submission too harshly - it's our first try. Before the Global Skin Project none of us knew how to make videos, but all of us knew how to make some parts of the video: someone liked to play with a photocamera and graphics, others liked sound, and someone had some video editing experience. And we all love Belarus, our country, and are happy to share our cultural heritage with you.
We hope you will like the vibrant colors and the beautiful patterns of our rushniks and will be intrigued by the mystery of the text they bear.
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Film Crew

Produced by  ICAN Club, an English Speaking Club, Minsk, Belarus
Directed byValiantsina Holubeva, the organizer of ICAN Club
Edited by Kate Dorozhkina and Valiantsina Holubeva
Photographs by Valiantsina Holubeva and Kate Dorozhkina
English version of the text by Valiantsina Holubeva
Voice behind the screen Kate Dorozhkina
Sound editorAleksander Miloslavskiy
Crafts expert  Larissa Bolbas

ICAN Club Team

Darya Shmat, Kate Dorozhkina, Lika Akubardia, Natalya Ermolenko, Oleg Shcherba, Zhanna Mokhava, Olga Polozova, Inna Pristavko, Marina Kudina

Special Thanks to

Yury Habrus, organist. (Healey Willan, Chorale Prelude)
Vyachaslau Statkevich, soloist of The Sviata folk music group
The music was used with the kind permission of the copyrights holders.

Kirmash souvenir store, Minsk
Semezhava Weaving Center, Kapyl Rayon, Minsk Oblast
Raidla Lejins & Norcous

ICAN Club CC 2012, Creative Commons license

Feel free to share and use it for non-profit purposes.
In case of commecial use a written permission fom the
copyrights holders must be obtained in advance.


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