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Hours before I left for my annual family holiday to Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, I uploaded the new firmware update for one of my 5D's.

I was keen to see if shooting in 24 fps was going to make a difference to the old 30 fps.

This is some of the footage I took in between fishing, swimming, relaxing and enjoying the odd beverage at the end of a hard day. OK the bevies started around lunch time but when your on holidays who's keeping track off time.

Has the 24fps frame rate improved the look of the footage? I cant say for sure so I will leave it up to you. It looks like all the rest of my stuff, maybe a little smoother?????

For anyone who's interested, Monkey Mia is a small settlement in the World Heritage Area of Shark Bay, approximately 900km's north of Perth, Western Australia. It is where the dolphins come to interact with us humans looking for an easy feed.

Luckily CALM has controlled the interaction between us humans and them so they remain wild animals and dont become dependent on us.

It's an amazing part of the world with turtles, dugongs, dolphins and of course Sharks, and plenty of them, grazing on the extensive sea grasses of a very shallow bay system.

The land is very arid and is punctuated with red sand headlands which meet the white sand of the pristine beach. It is a special place for me and one I visit with my family every year without fail.

Hope you enjoy my favorite place in Western Australia.

All shot on the 5D, Edited in FCP, Music Soundtrack Pro and James Newton Howard from the " Village"

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