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This short is a teaser for Märklin for their launch of a new brand - "Märklin - My World".
Märklin is a famous german manufacturer of model railways and together with Jung von Matt
as leading agency, my client and me were supposed to create a 45 sec. long teaser in 3D.

At first we had to create a Key-Visual, which should be the base for our short.
Therefore Jung von Matt created a couple of mood-boards, the rest was up to us.

With a few keywords like "fast", "big", "high-quality", "up and down", hills,
"science fiction", "super clean style" etc, we began in several tries, to find
a proper style.
Unfortunatley time was short, so we couldn´t exaggerate, we had to focus on the fundamentals.

As I´m not a designer, I had my problems to find proper and cool looking shapes,
so I did a lot of research for design-styles, I modeled I-dunno-how-many-models,
put them into trash an started from scratch.

In the meanwhile the train has been modeled and the base light-setup has been created.

As I didn´t had a precise storyboard, the way was the goal, so I began with the animatic.
After finishing it, I noticed, that I had much too much shots, as we only needed 30 up tp 45 seconds.

So I edited a 30 seconds version and started with the lighting and final animation of each shot,
as our compositor waited for the first outputs to create a look. 6 weeks we created round about 1:20 min of FullHD shots,
where each image took between 2-6 hours to render.


Jung von Matt GmbH (leading agency)
Madness GmbH (producer)
Sonja Schlichter (project management)
Thorsten Kuttig (Lead Artist, modeling, animation, shading, lighting,
editing, temp sounddesign)

Software used:

.Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2011
.Canopus Edius
.Adobe Premiere
.Adobe After Effects
.The Foundry Nuke
.Adobe Photoshop

© 2011, Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Jung von Matt GmbH, Madness GmbH

Visit "Märklin - My World" here:


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