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Wednesday September 4, 2012. I arrived in Montreal for a six week trip where I was going to shoot another one of my One Day in (add name of city) timelapse films. My friend and associate Daniel Cyr had done an incredible job of scouting locations for me to shoot during my stay. Of course many locations required authorization from authorities, property owners or administrators. One of these locations was the Ferry crossing from Hudson to Oka which is a more then 100 year old business that operates two ferries that cross people, cars, busses and other commuters.

When I spoke to the owner about getting authorization to shoot a film in Timelapse style, he had no idea what I was talking about. After a short explanation he approved and the location was scheduled for a shooting on the following Sunday.

Daniel and I showed up on the agreed day and Claude Desjardins, the owner of the Ferry Crossing had seen my video A Day In Funes (2012) and he asked me if I was willing to make a Timelapse film for his business. My own personal fairy tale started when I was given this opportunity to shoot a film, my first professional Timelapse movie in which I was asked to put together a series of images with sound that could tell a story without any words or narration. The owner wanted to convey the message of an alternative solution to the long commuting of people having to take congested highways to get to work or to other destinations.

So telling a story about a Ferry alternative became my focus for the next several weeks. This is the result of a few weeks of shooting,developing, processing and editing. And the best part of it all is that I was paid to do what I had intended to do in Montreal to start with. Isn't that what fairy tales are all about?

A special thank you goes to Daniel Cyr, my friend and partner during the last six weeks without whom this and other projects undertaken in Montreal would not have been possible. He scouted locations, drove me around, fed me and took dozens of stills which I will be using on the film "One Day In Montreal" that is in production now.


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