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DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE is a Finalist in the $200,000 GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. Watch more finalist films at

Using diamond sensors to help treat cancer sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but for Physicist Dr David Hoxley, his own personal battle with the disease prompted an exploration of possibilities out of the ordinary.

Co-Director and Co-Producer: Stephen Scoglio
Co-Director and Co-Producer: Jasmine Funnell
Executive Producers: Dominic Allen, Joel Betts, Dave Budge
Director of Photography: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Motion Graphics: Jonathan Poynter, Kate Guest
Sound Design: Gideon Cozens
Music: Hanna Silver
Edited By: Jasmine Funnell, Mia Hildebrand
Colourist: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Camera Operators: Dave Budge, Joel Betts
Location Sound: Adam Afiff
Special Thanks to:
The Hoxley Family
La Trobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne
Hugh Turral
Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Dave Budge


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