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I went on a trip to Iceland last year and what can I say… This is one gorgeous country. I have never seen so much beauty in one place and I was absolutely amazed by the island. It is as if someone decided to put everything interesting nature has to offer in one spot. A little volcano here, a steep cliff there, sprinkle some blue icebergs in between, put some of the biggest waterfalls over there, and on and on…

12 facts you probably didn't know about the video:

0:44 - every tiny white dot appearing and disappearing on the left-hand side is a bird (Iceland is the perfect place for bird watching)
1:03 - there appear "little people" on the left-hand side.
1:04 - there's a security camera attached to the wind wheel despite the wheel standing absolutely in the middle of nowhere. It powers - no kidding - a coke, snickers and snack vending machine in a little hut.
1:56 - there are people in the background too (on top of the mountains)!
2:09 - there's no road but a very fast jeep.
2:36 - the two men were burying their own brother (I kindly asked and they said they are fine with me filming).
2:57 - you can find these houses in many front yards and gardens. The owner told me they are "for the elves". So basically you build them to compensate the elves for their land.
3:14 - this is the ferry coming from Denmark. That's the way to go if you don't want to travel by plane.
3:25 - everything smells intensely of sulfur. You often get the same effect when you take a shower - depending on the area you stay in.
3:35 - this is the blue lagoon (surrounded by lava rocks) near Reykjavik. In the background you see a geothermal power station.
3:50 - this was shot in the Þingvellir national park. You can see some guys fishing and a loving couple on the left hand side.
4:07 - in the bottom left corner you can see the smoke trails of cars appearing.


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