the structure

3D commercial created for the YellowRibbon mobile app.

YellowRibbon is a product by the South Korean developer company MagnaLAB, runner-up for iOs Best app of 2012.

Credits and links:

Production: Fab Design -
Client: MagnaLAB -
Soundtrack: Stefano Milella -

YellowRibbon on iTunes App Store:
YellowRibbon on Google Play:

Software: Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Ableton


Millions of people use instant messengers because they are great. Instant messengers are fast, convenient, and efficient.

However, instant messengers do little to enrich our communication experience. We believe not all messages need to be instant, especially not when you mean it.

With MagnaLab's YellowRibbon, you can wrap messages for your friends with beautifully designed ribbons, and place them at the location of your choice for free.

Start communicating in more human way, because now you can.


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