the structure

/amoeba .design .motion .broadcast .installation

Amoeba/A.AV was asked by the film Kanzeons Directors to reinterpret their documentary Kanze0n.
A rarely seen view of Japanese culture revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacle.
The film invites the audience to immerse themselves in this unconventional and trans-formative world.

Given complete access to the films rushes, out takes and audio field recordings A.AV set about re-creating the films narrative through a series of re-graded, re-composited shots, ritualistic loops and hypnogogic visual edits synched and mixed live within an audio visual environment.

Kanze0n_k0nx0mpax_meiuqer A.AV ritual.restructure.01
part of a 23 minute live performance by A.AV [amoeba]

Kanze0n the movie out on dissolving path films
Tim Grabham+Neil Cantwell



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