The Wigglers


Musical Elements:

"B-Boy Flange Hats"
Mungo dDS noise channel activated via trigger in modification. Flanging effect via Yamaha AD-202 Analog Delay.

"Conga Heart Beat"
MFB Drum-06 Tom Tom module into Analogue Systems RS-100 Low Pass Filter. The tom interchanges as a fill with the kick drum via alternating switching by using VCAs with an Intellijel Flip Flop.

"Snappy Chorus Claps"
Sound of a Pittsburgh Modular Generator frequency modulated by itself and white noise. The internal VCA of the Generator is controlled by an Analogue Systems RS-60 Envelope. It then goes into a Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper and on into a Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows delay.

"Rubber Bass Kicks"
MFB Drum-04 Bass Drum module Sequenced by an Analogue Systems RS-200 Sequential Controller into an RS-100 Low Pass Filter. I reset the sequence with a foot switch via a Doepfer A-177-2 External Foot Controller II module.

"G-Funk Bird Calls"
Cwejman VM-1 sequenced via an RS-200 Sequential Controller into an RS-110 Multimode Filter using the high-pass output. It then goes into a Pittsburgh Modular Analogue Delay and on into a Zoom 9200 Reverb.

"Metal-Beaded Cabasa"
Elby Designs CGS747 Cynare Simulator triggered via a Doepfer A-166 Dual Logic Module.

"Com Trusian Chords"
Roland Juno-106 into a Boss RX-100 Spring Reverb.

"Aztec God Rays"
While the Juno-106 is played polyphonically is also activating a mono channel of a Kenton Pro-2 Midi-to-CV converter which is controlling another Cwejman VM-1. The envelope in set in such a way that the sound emerges once the gate is released. It goes into a Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb which is feeding back into the VM-1 via the audio input jack.

"Ticklish Chimp Giggles"
The result of a complex feedback loop involving a Doepfer A-138m Matrix Mixer, an MFB DRUM-05 Snare Drum module, an Elby Designs CGS735 Synthacon Filter, a Pittsburgh Modular VC Bend and an Elby Designs ED108 ChaQuO.

"Didgeridoo Error Stabs"
The Kawai K5000W keyboard is acting as a Midi controller for another channel of CV via a Kenton Pro-2. It controls 2 Bubblesound uLFOs going into a Make Noise QMMG modulated by a Make Noise Maths.

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