A random trip to New York taken by myself, first time ever going! This is timelapses and the like. Enjoy! (I know there are some amazing NY landmarks I did not include. I'm sorry, I only had a small amount of time to see everything, much less film it!)

Shot on a Canon T3i with mainly a Rokinon 8mm Wide angle lens. Sped up walking shots were shot on a Glide Gear Syl-3000 Steady Cam, then stabilized again in after effects, and sped up and smoothed out with the timewarp effect.

Song: Feel So Close - Calvin Harris (Nero Remix)

First time shooting with steadicam equipment so any constructive criticism is certainly welcomed!

And if anybody could hook me up with a summer '13 internship in New York, I would love you forever.

Enjoy :)

j vimeo.com/57725508

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