Tisch Festival 2013

Whirring Particles is a visually and physically interactive piece. The user conducts the 'painting' of the galaxy by controlling the particles on screen with a glove.
I wanted to explore the idea of manipulating images, movements and create dynamic visuals paired with sounds. The particles represent the vast galaxy that has different meanings to each individual user.

The user would pick up the glove and headphone, put them on and realize that the particles are controlled by the gestures of their hands.

I have never programmed anything before ITP, and it has been amazing being introduced to Processing and Arduino as art making tools.The Processing sketch is communicating with the Arduino and mapped to the accelerometer, both of which are sewn onto the glove.

Initially I wanted to make an installation of the particles in an entire space (like a room) with projections. As I worked more on the sketch I realized the difficulty in manifesting the project in such a large scale manner.


Dan Shiffman, Mimi Yin, Merche Blasco, Antonius Wiriadjaja, Craig Protzel, Scott Fitzgerald, Learning Processing, natureofcode.com/book/

j vimeo.com/55633226

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