Filmed this little thing a year ago, summer 2012
There were a lot of Cantharellus cibarius, commonly known as chanterelle or golden chanterelle, in the forest that summer and I decided to make a film out of it.
My mom go out in the forest almost everyday in the summers and look for mushrooms.
This year the forest overflowed with Yellowfoot instead, but I didn't film that. =o)
Chanterelle is often gold the gold of the forest here in Sweden. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to spot.

Chantarelle is mostly spread in the Norther parts of Europe, North America, Mexico and Asia, including the Himalayas. And in Afric, including Zambia.
It is rich in potassium and according to Wikipedia it is "among the richest sources of vitamin D known, with ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as high as 212 IU/100 grams fresh weight".

It's delicious when fried in butter, add some finely chopped onion and a dash of cream or coconut milk, salt & pepper and also a little garlic if you fancy it. =o)


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