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Thy as a state of mind is a documentary, portraying the unique individuals and natural surroundings of the region Thy in the northern outskirts of Denmark.
Even though the strong winds of the North Sea hits these rural areas first, as in most of the world, the wind of social, economical and idealistic change reach these remote communities with a one-generation delay.
In the attempt to capture the human impact of an ever present nostalgic look on life as it used to be, Thy as a state of mind makes room for an overlooked, tradition-bound minority who both struggles and shows pride in keeping out other people’s opinion about how life should be lived.
In this way, Thy as a state of mind takes a rare step into the intimate sphere of a generally inaccessible, quiet, but distinctively strong-willed group of individuals found in every modern society.

j vimeo.com/60591402

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