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Whilst scrubbing through my rushes of our recent trip to Florida and struggling to find an audio track that encapsulates the spirit of a Disney trip, I got in touch with the composer Chris Zabriskie (whose music I've used a lot in the past) in the hope that he might be able to recommend one of his tracks for the project as he's a native Floridian. Much to my surprise, he replied to my request with one of his recent tracks, 'Air Hockey Saloon', which I immediately knew I could use, but not for the film I was working on.

It was at this point that I realised, that I wouldn't be able to use a large proportion of the fireworks footage and knew that it would lend itself to Chris' track.

A big thank you to Chris who's music has inspired many of my films and his help inspiring this little project.

You can find Chris Zabriskie on the Vimeo Music store or head over to soundcloud.com/chriszabriskie

j vimeo.com/69469207

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