Traveling Group!

This video was taken a year ago when I and some friends were visiting Tarakan Island in East Borneo. That was in mangrove forest park where is very close from small Tarakan down town. Nothing much happened I could see in that place except big swamp area, a group of bekantan mongkeys playing on the tree branches, some small amphibian creatures, some variety of mangrove and other vegetations, and a small old fertilizing house.
This video was meant to be a self project so I wasn’t hurried out to edit it until I had my free time a couple day ago. I edited it in both AfterEffect and Premiere. I did a lot of warp stabilizer in AE (you guys probably could notice it in small creature and monkey’s scenes) and some color correction in Premiere due to some unstable and unexpected results in shooting experiment I did. At the end of editing process, in order to manipulate the color damages even more, I took chance to try out applying Magic Bullet Colorista Free Preset for color grading on it.
It’s not the best result I have here, but at least I’ve learnt some things from the shooting and editing process experiment. I also not quite sure about this uploaded video correct compression, hopefully it's not gonna bother you to watch it.
Thank’s for watching.

Shot and edited by Danne
Camera : Canon 550D
Lens : Canon 50mm f2.8, Canon 70-300 f4.0
Additional tool : Tripod and DIY slider
Editing : Adobe Premiere and AfterEffect, Magic Bullet Colorista Free
Music : “A Year” by Broke For Free


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