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Misasa is a very wide town, 233.46km2 composed by about 95% of forests and mountains, for a population of around 7000 inhabitants.
While most of the population is gathering in the “center” of Misasa, few people are still living isolated in the far parts of the town.

To introduce to people (tourists, etc.) these unknown parts of the town, and also to help its inhabitants (elderly people) feel less isolated, Misasa is making events there. Most of these isolated places are surrounded by Nature and beautiful landscapes, so it is eco-touristic events aiming to protect these environments and introduce their biodiversity.

For instance, several events have been organized in Tawara Highlands – a place close to Mount Mitoku – where only five households are still leaving. Besides events, an 80 year old house named “Kominika” (or “comminica”) has been restored and it is possible to rent it for events, or simply spend a quiet moment surrounded by mountains and greenery.
Speaking about biodiversity, Tawara is one of the only 3 places in Tottori prefecture where we can find the flower called Menyanthes (

In mid-February, I and some friends participated in one event in Tawara. It was a Nordic walking (pole walking) in the snow, which means using snowshoes and poles. The organizers, young people from Misasa’s ryokan (Japanese style hotels), are also Nordic Walking instructors. Last year, they organized several Nordic Walking events (more events are planned from spring), but it was the first time they do it on snow.
I thought it was a great opportunity to make a video and introduce less known places, as well as a different aspect of the life in Misasa.

"Le petit jardin (with Les Gauchers Orchestra)" by Lee Maddeford (


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