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After iterating through every country in the world, ten times, we finally settled on South Africa for our honeymoon destination. December 2012. The plan was to fly to Cape Town, spend few days there and then hit the garden route in a rented convertible. And sky dive somewhere in between. We stuck to our plan and had a wicked awesome honeymoon.

This movie is about the first few days when we were in Cape Town. The next part(s) will show us road-tripping. Hope you enjoyed. And if you eagerly await the Part B, drop in a comment... would encourage me to sit on it.

All footage was shot on a 5D Mii - the wide ones on a 16-35 f2.8 LII, the telephoto ones on 135 f2 L and the medium ones on the cheapest lens in the kitty - a 50 f1.8 (wish I had a 1.4 then - have a sigma now and it is simply kickass). A Glidecam HD4000 was used to stabilize the moving wide-angle shots (and because I was using a vest, I could shoot a hell lot of moving shots). Most of the field-audio has been recorded through a Rhode stereo pro (only rarely was the in camera mic used). The music added in edit is from various sources (some of them may be copyrighted).


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