ultimate film experiment

Directed and Edited by
António Caetano Faria and Carolina Neves Rodrigues

Original Soundtrack
José Chaves

Macau, 2011

Wong Kei is a young guy who quited his job and spends his days wandering around the streets taking pictures of people. One day he takes a photo that will change his monotonous life and take him through a journey to the past of his hometown, the small old fishing village of Macao.
He enters in a different world where families live in boats and work hard for little money, but still find happiness in their occupation - a fact that contrasts with his own life and the general reality of this modern city. The stories, legends and superstitions he hears seem to fascinate him as well as give him a better understanding of his origins and the changes that have taken place in society.
Caught between land and sea, present and past, reality and dream, Kei takes us through fictional-documentary that portraits the few fisherman who still carry on business in Macao, unveiling the roots of this ancient profession as well as day-to-day life and the motivations that make them continue.


j vimeo.com/35847238

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