ultimate film experiment

This is a film experiment. It is by no means a polished film. The audio is rough. The point of this project is to explore perceptions and ideologies.

This film took a lot of brain power just to figure out how to do it!!!

This piece's intentions are to explore reality vs. perceived reality and our increasingly surveillanced-based society. In this short film their will be many different realities. Though each reality is only revealed as the film progresses allowing the viewer to momentarily think they have properly determined which is reality and which is the perceived reality though in actual fact they will soon be presented with a new reality which will in turn make them question all of the realities. The scene will begin with a girl walking into a room and sitting down at a computer desk. You will only see the girl from the back. She will turn on Final Cut and begin editing. As soon as she presses play it will be evident to the viewer that she is editing a video of herself mimiking the exact scnerario.

j vimeo.com/9698147

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