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Broadnose or spotted sevengill shark - Notorynchus cepedianus (1807)

The genus name Notorynchus is derived from the Greek "noton" meaning back and "rhyngchos" meaning snout. flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/Gallery/Descript/Sevengill/Sevengill.html

These beautiful creatures have recently begun returning to the waters off San Diego, in both the Point Loma and La Jolla kelp beds. They can be dangerous but much of the time they seem to want to know more about us.

I believe our lights interest them. During the day the encounters can be more subdued since they can see us better. At night they must get very close before they dash off.

The other creatures in this video are inhabitants of rocky reefs and kelp beds.

For a full account of the dive refer to:

j vimeo.com/5618253

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