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The exhibition «Collateral» is the first single exhibition by Hgb Fideljus since 1998! It shows new drawnings and installations from 2008-2013. While his photographs and videoinstallations in the nineties were inspired by pop- and minimal art often worked with cryptic humour and socialcritical themes, his solo work is dark and morbid. Pornography, violence and destruction are the central themes in his new art work, strongly influenced by the urban street arts. Not only in content but form, it seems his work literally dissolves and decayes. Always following the slogan: «Just don't do it»!

Hgb Fideljus (*1971, Berne/Switzerland) is a photographer, writer and visual artist. He studied at the college for design and art in Berne and Lucerne as well as at the F + F college for art and mediadesign in Zurich (photopraphy, new media, free art and postgraduate cultural management). Co-founder Büro Destruct & Büro Discount. His clients are publishing houses like «Die Gestalten», «Publikat» and many more. He was also chief editor of the urban art magazine «Word».

Egon Flor, 2013


Buero Discount: burodiscount.net
Buero Destruct: burodestruct.net
Camera & Edit: Ondrej - triphaseproject.ch

j vimeo.com/95962135

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