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Swanski’s Flying Bazaar Traveling Art Show is ready to begin rolling through Germany. In each stop, whether it be a skateboarding museum in Stuttgart or Box32 gallery in Berlin, Swanski will create new, one-of-a-kind “photo stands” (as well as various art actions and events like in-store live painting, pop-up stores, exhibitions, and outdoor murals). These "photo stands" are actually unique art pieces that allow the viewer to become part of the art show. Similar to the ones kids enjoy at zoos or costume parties, these “photo stands” apply the same process, putting the viewer’s head into a pre-cut hole in the work where a photo is taken, but that is where the similarity ends. Each face, each person alters the work in their own immutable way, adding to an ever-expanding collection of unique artistic creations. The people in the gallery are affected by the art and the art is influenced and changed by the people, creating a circle of infinite variety and unexpected results. The artist merely sets the stage; the gallery viewers must finish the artistic process. In this way, the viewers become part of the art, making for an interactive and revelatory experience. In this way, Swanski has created a singular artistic experiment, a case study that examines symbiosis, perception, and the complex relationship between artist, art, and observer.
The tour is produced and supported by Turbokolor and Another Republic.
Filmed and edited by: NCNC studio

j vimeo.com/27426495

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