Sony Vegas

Every year Richmond, California celebrates the 4th of July with a special fireworks show the night before (July 3rd) in Marina Bay's Craneway Pavilion at Ford Point.

This year was no exception as crowds began to form near sunset on both sides of the harbor. I was able to get within 200 feet of the barge that ignites the mortars and captured about 15 minutes of show time. This event itself is not epic like New York or Washington DC, but big enough to attract people from all over the Bay Area.

My intent was to sandwich as many takes as my computer could handle. Initially I had 10 tracks but that bombed until I whittled it down to 5 tracks of my favorite parts. I blended the tracks using the differential compositing method: "Compares the overlay and background pixel by pixel and subtracts the darker color value from the lighter color to generate a new color value."

I decided not to compose music for this because the sound of 'bombs bursting in air" could not be denied and mixing 5 stereo tracks of these explosions made me happy.

Camera and Editing by Phil Loarie
Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v
Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10


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